Music Ministries

Worship Team

The worship team of Faith Covenant Church encourages and inspires the congregation to a more exalted expression of praise and a deeper desire to seek and sense God's presence. (2 Chron 20:21) They strive to successfully provide the opportunity and atmosphere for true worship each Sunday morning.

For the members of the team, playing, singing, and participating in drama is more than merely preparing and presenting music and drama each week. It is the building up and unifying of the body of Christ with the use of God-given spiritual gifts and talents. A privilege, yes, but also a solemn responsibility!

Worship Team practices in the Sanctuary every other Wednesday at 7pm and every Sunday morning at 8am. Anyone, with a heart to praise and serve God through music, drama, visual or technical arts is invited to join.

Current Worship Team Members: John Peterson, Linda Peterson, Karen Lund, Dave Lengyel, Steve Miller, and Vern Mueller.